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What are the advantages of Qomuniq8 antennas compared to products of other vendors?

Qomuniq8 antennas improve your overall system efficiency by

  • Reducing side lobes (eliminating a major part of noise seen in your receiver),

  • Assisting with easier and more accurate alignment,

  • Helping in reduction of total landed cost by utilization of efficient production methods and packing the antennas in a more efficient way.   

 What are the benefits of using Qomuniq8 solar power solutions?

Qomuniq8 telecom power solutions ensure continuity and stability of power for telecom systems by

  • Providing remote monitoring for all parameters of the system via IP connection,

  • Using higher grade component including high quality antennas and efficient solar panels

  • Utilizing smart charge controller and inverter modules to optimize capacity, charging time and battery life.

Why should I use Qomuniq8 RF accessories in my telecom system?

Qomuniq8 RF accessories offer better performance initially and over time by:

  • Use of higher grade material like better alloys in components and better cable insulators

  • Constant monitoring of production process to reduce the chance of flaws related to production process

  • Clear and detailed specifications to help the user decide which product suits the specific requirement

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