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Let's Qomuniq8

We’re a commercial and medium-scale Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturer. Our products meet the highest industry standards, and are built using the latest technologies and advancements. We provide dealers and companies around the world with our dependable products and solutions. We have focused on a small portion of the telecom technology to ensure what we do is done right. 

About Qomuniq8

European design, manufactured in Europe

It has remained a globally missed reality that all the communication, at least in its wireless form are still happening on the same two platforms of reliable power and successful transmission and reception.

At qomuniq8 we believe there are many improvements possible in the total concept of delivery for the above two forms. The power source and the radiation. We focused on methods to provide the global market with more reliable and more cost efficient power sources for telecom equipment. We also focused on design and manufacture of more efficient and better performing antennas and RF accessories.

Our Products
Communication Tower


World class quality engineered to outperform

Solar Power Solutions

Power solutions addressing telecom requirements

Network Hub and Cable
Dish Antenna

RF Accessorries

Unique components for unique applications

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