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Solar Power Solutions

Although it may look like power for telecom is just power, there are more details than it is seen in the first glance. Telecom power should be clean and ripple free, always available, and present in most remote places with no power grid availability.

More over due to the nature of communications and the need for continuity of service, power should be constantly monitored and optimized.


Although use of solar power has been widely accepted as the main trends in telecom industry, not all solar power solutions are as reliable as the sun powering them.


Qomuniq8 telecom power solutions ensure continuity and stability of power for telecom systems by:

  • Providing remote monitoring for all parameters of the system via IP connection,

  • Using higher grade component including high quality antennas and efficient solar panels

  • Utilizing smart charge controller and inverter modules to optimize capacity, charging time and battery life.

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